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2/3 2013
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1 Flat Tire Ben Lukas Boysen 2 Insomniac Dawn Graveyard Tapes 3 Me and the Devil Soap&Skin 4 30 Days/30 Nights (feat. Jessica Bailiff) Aidan Baker 5 Flicker Julia Kent 6 Cover the Long Way Grouper 7 Man with a Pussy Stuart Warwick 8 Where I Live Woodkid 9 Daniel Devendra Banhart 10 Haftorang James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk 11 Harmless Monster CocoRosie 12 Wrap Your Harms Around Me The Knife 13 From the Invisible to the Visible Nadia Sirota 14 Any and All of Us William Ryan Fritch 15 Ingenue Atoms for Peace 16 Floating Heads Sister Crayon 17 Overgrown James Blake 18 A Cherry on Top The Knife

1 Cut the World Antony and the Johnsons 2 Voyage Voyage Soap&Skin 3 Vaire Xiu Xiu Larsen 4 The Fire Eater Kaki King 5 The Back Door Dez Mona 6 State of Grace (feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) Little Annie & Baby Dee 7 Lucifer/He Felt Like a Woman Hjaltalìn 8 The Road Mirel Wagner 9 Sitting in a Roofless Room From the Mouth of the Sun 10 Plainsong Valgeir Sigurdsson 11 Fortune Linnea Olsson 12 Black Side of the River Sons of Noel & Adrian 13 Fell Sound Mirroring 14 Eveything Must Change Olafur Arnalds 15 Veldedur Sigur Ròs 16 Shadowed Sophie Hutchings 17 Janitor of Lunacy (feat. Antony) X-TG 18 Voiceless Laughter Barbara De Dominicis & Julia Kent 19 Fissure Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag 20 The Crumbling Valgeir Sigurdsson

3/3 2012
Flatlands CHELSEA WOLFE 2 Black Summer EFTERKLANG 3 Come Play Frolic CHILDREN OF THE WAVE 4 Tarot CYCLOBE 5 Abschied X-TG (feat. BLIXA BARGELD) 6 State of Grace (with Baby Dee) LITTLE ANNIE & BABY DEE 7 Memory of the Sun DEZ MONA 8 Blueberry Pancakes FINK 9 Re NILS FRAHM 10 Raga Prelude I (Yaman) MICHAEL HARRISON & MAYA BEISER 11 Bowen Island KAKI KING 12 Take Us Alive OTHER LIVES 13 What's Wrong GRIZZLY BEAR 14 Betwen Earth and Sky SOPHIE HUTCHINGS 15 Between Monuments VALGEIR SIGURDSSON 16 Cargo Cult KAKI KING 17 Erik S. ASTRID

2/3 2012
1- An Ending, A Beginning Dustin O'Halloran 2- Illusory Rendez-Vous Barbara De Dominicis & Julia Kent 3- Varúð Sigur Rós 4- Lone Bell Mount Eerie 5- Island Machine Zelienople 6- All The Years Have Fallen Away Karina ESP 7- Beast for Thee Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 8- The Yard Sons of Noel and Adrian 9- Nocturnal Horizon Pillow 10- We Are on Fire CocoRosie 11- The City Exitmusic 12- The Ocean Linnea Olsson 13- Opus 28 Dustin O'Halloran 14- Cut The World Antony and the Johnsons 15- Vaire Xiu Xiu Larsen 16- a1 Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm 17- Aware Fennesz feat. Sakamoto 18- Shale Hollows Marielle V Jakobsons 19- Sun/Sand/Phase Kandodo

1- Mirroring Fell Sound 2- Orcas Pallor Cedes 3- Patrick Watson Lighthouse 4- Olafur Arnalds The Land of Nod 5- From the Mouth of the Sun My Skin Drinks Light that Has Passed Through Leaves 6- Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag Lunar Tides 7- A Whisper in the Noise To Forget 8- Hood The Second Thought Abandoned 9- Soap&Skin Vater 10- Xiu Xiu Factory Girl 11- Perfume Genius 17 12- Danny Norbury Bluebeard 6 13- Orcas Arrow Drawn 14- A Whisper in the Noise Every Blade of Grass 15- Mirel Wagner Red 16- Peter Prautzsch Skagerrak 17- Matt Elliott Dust, Flesh and Bones 18- Peter Broderick A Tribute to Our Letter Writing Days 19- Mirroring Mirror of Our Sleeping

1- Colin Stetson & Shara Worden Lord I Just Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes 2- Bonnie "Prince" Billy New Whaling 3- Fink Warm Shadow 4- Larsen Ohm Av. D 5- Other Lives For 12 6- Hauschka & Hildur Gudnadottir #294 7- Esmerine Little Sreams Make Big Rivers 8- Baby Dee Regifted Light 9- My Brightest Diamond There's a Rat 10- Joan as Police Woman Flash 11- Puzzle Muteson En Garde 12- Scott Matthew True Sting 13- Julia Kent A Spire 14- David Thomas Broughton Perfect Louse 15- Human Greed The Green Line 16- Colin Stetson Home 17- Dez Mona A Part of Our Hearts 18- Picastro + Nadja A New Souls Benediction 19- Cindytalk I See You Uncovered 20- Dustin O'Halloran Opus 55 21- Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason Reyja

1- My Gurl Joan as Police Woman 2- On a Neck, On a Spit Grizzly Bear 3- Easy Hercules and Love Affair feat. Antony 4- Now's the Only Time I Know Fever Ray 5- My Moon, My Man Feist 6- Fall Devendra Banhart 7- Bright Orange Air Inlets  8- Smokes Quantity Boards of Canada 9- House Sparrow XiuXiu 10- Airship Metallic Falcons 11- King of Koalas XXL (XiuXiu + Larsen) 12- Paradise Circus Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval 13- As the Stars Fall The Cinematic Orchestra 14- Compass Jamie Lidell 15- Lemonade CocoRosie 16- Seaside Devendra Banhart 17- Life Being what it is Kaki King 18- Suitcase Full of Secrets Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch 19- Lifted Nat Baldwin 20- When I'm Sleepy Wild Beasts 21- Ald Square Fjordne 22- God Moving Over the Face of the Waters Moby + -Volcano of Snow

1- Dustin O'Halloran We Move Slightly 2- Bon Iver Wash 3- David Thomas Broughton Nature 4- Justin Vivian Bond American Wedding 5- Julia Kent The Toll 6- Fink Perfect Darkness 7- Scott Matthew Sinking 8- Xiu Xiu & Deerhoof The Greg Saunier Retaliation 9- Larsen It Was a Very Good Year 10- Baby Dee Brother Slug and Sister Snail 11- Esmerine Last Waltz 12- Current 93 Parsimmon 13- James Blake Limit to Your Love 14- Antony & the Johnsons Swanlights (OPN Edit) 15- Metal Mountains Orange/Yellow 16- Puzzle Muteson Medusa 17- Nat Baldwin Weights 18- Wild Beasts Bed of Nails 19- Joan as Police Woman The Magic 20- Xiu Xiu & Deerhoof Almost Xiu Xiu, Almost Deerhoof 21- Wires Under Tension A List of Things to Light in Fire 22- Music for Money Fragile 23- Colin Stetson & Shara Worden Lord I Just Can't Keep from Crying 24- Moby The Broken Places 25- Build Cleave

1- Past Tundra Valgeir Sigurdsson 2- Kin Valgeir Sigurdsson feat. Bonnie "Prince" Billy 3- Hunter Bjork 4- Biboni Kria Brekkan 5- Trailer Music Hjaltalìn 6- Saeglopur Sigur Ròs 7- Erupting Light Hildur Gudnadottir 8- Hemipode Amina 9- Our Hands Bjork 10- Friends on the Horizon Mesita 11- Suitcase Man Hjaltalìn 12- In Gray Hildur Gudnadottir 13- Flètta Antony & the Johnsons feat. Bjork 14- The Gift Johann Johannsson 15- Song from Incidental Music Hjaltalìn 16- Armor Kria Brekkan

1- Turkish Wine Portland Cello Project  2- Now That I Know Devendra Banhart  3- If  it's True Anais Mitchell feat. Justin Vernon 4- Brazilian Sun CocoRosie feat. Devendra Banhart 5- Little Johnny Brown Sam Amidon   6- Ostia This Immortal Coil 7- Part 6 Larsen feat David Tibet 8- Opaque Hildur Gudnadottir 9- Bind Your Tortoise Mouth Current 93 10- Death to Everyone Bonnie "Prince" Billy 11- Gall Blue Water White Death 12- Dayvan Cowboy Boards of Canada 13- I Luv the Valley Oh Xiu Xiu 14- Skyscraper Julian Plenti 15- To the Love Within Megapuss 16- Weird Fishes Justin Bond 17- Doing the Wrong Thing Kaki King 18- The Rip Portishead 19- Boy+Angel Doveman 20- Winter Notes Picastro 21- Big Cat Matteah Baim 22- Sing for Me Antony & the Johnsons 23- Cymbal Rush Thom Yorke  24- Diamond Made of Glass Little Annie 25- You'll Find Your Footing Baby Dee 

1 Early Julia Kent & Joalz 2 I See the Sign Sam Amidon  3 Everything is New Antony & the Johnsons 4 Grylukvaedy Valgeir Sigurdsson 5 Gallows CocoRosie  6 Caramel John Grant 7 Grunt Tube Blue Water White Death 8 Swanlights Antony & the Johnsons 9 Passenger Aleph in Name Current93 10 In this Shirt The Irrepressibles 11 Your Good Arm Inlets 12 Good Intentions Paving Co. Joanna Newsom 13 Returnal Oneohtrix Point Never (Antony's version) 14  The Sadists Jeffrey Luck Lucas 15 Hallucinations from my Poisonous German Street Kaki King 16 Suitcase Man Hjaltalìn 17 Suspensions Julia Kent 18 Trattato sulla Natura delle Stelle per Voce ed Harmonium Palumbo/Tomasini 19 Because You're Gone Little Annie 20 Split Head Picastro 21 Learning Perfume Genius 22 The Devil and I (part 1) Lone Wolf 23 Unheard of Hope Baby Dee 24 The Last Bird Zoe Keating

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